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Ten Mind-Blowing Statistics That Will Change How You Sell

Scott Public Relations recently read through an enlightening SlideShare presentation, “20 Shocking Sales Stats: Knowing Them Will Change How you Sell,” and we wanted to share some of the key insights that will help healthcare, insurance, and technology companies perform better with sales and lead generation activities. Below we’ve provided the ten most eye-opening lead [...]

Six Reasons Why Google+ Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Blog courtesy of WordWrite Communications With the third highest active viewers, at 400 million, and 925,000 new users each day, it’s time to pay more attention to Google+ and utilize the tools and benefits it has to offer. Here are six key benefits that deserve our attention. 1. Creating a Google+ account will increase your SEO. When [...]

Healthcare PR and Marketing Best Practices: How to Market Your Health Practice Online

An online/digital marketing plan is essential in today’s business landscape, especially in the world of healthcare where audiences are not only seeking out information on their own terms, but they are expecting to be provided with relevant, timely and personalized information that suits their needs. If you have a health practice, you also want to [...]

How exercise can help prevent disease

Blog courtesy of Physiquality It’s probably no surprise that exercise is good for you. Doctors recommend physical activity as part of living a healthier lifestyle, and we all know it can help you lose weight and feel better. But how exactly can it improve your health? Here are a few ways exercise can actually prevent health [...]