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Social Media: Applications and Implications for Your Reputation

Many businesses forget that while social media is a great new opportunity to market and expand, there are many dangers that come along with the opportunity. David Lewison says in “Social Media and the Insurance Implications” that most marketing and communications departments recognize social media is a great chance to elevate a personal or corporate [...]

Telemedicine in Primary Care: A Case Study

If you’ve ever found it difficult to squeeze in time for a trip to the doctor’s office, then you will definitely be interested in the rise of telemedicine.  According to Chris Mazzolini’s article “Telemedicine’s Next Big Leap” in Medical Economics, telemedicine is the future of technology integration into healthcare. Originally an idea to help rural [...]

Why Content Marketing Services Are So Very Hot

Blog courtesy of Bridge Global Strategies Everywhere you look these days, you see articles and discussions about content marketing.  I read at least three communications industry articles about 2014 trends that singled out content marketing as the most important trend for 2014. Content marketing services are one of the fastest growing services offered by public relations [...]

Tips for Increasing Email Click-Throughs

Did you know that average click-through rate for B2B marketing emails in Q2 2013 was 1.7 percent (Epsilon)? Email marketing is the ideal tool to boost traffic to your site or grow conversion rates, but recipients must first click the hyperlinks you include in emails. In Michael Linthorst’s MarketingProfs article, “Five Tips to Increase Your [...]

Keep an Eye on These Five B2B Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

B2B marketers today use an increasing number of social media platforms to effectively connect and engage with both customers and employees. Everything has to be available on mobile, and big data has transformed from “nice to have” to “must have” in order to make informed choices. Combining these things with the adoption of agile marketing [...]

Customization Is Key for Mobile Marketing Success

Mobile marketing is the new “big thing” to spur business success. Kane Russell, in his article “How to Enhance Mobile Marketing with Personalization,” states the way to capture mobile marketing’s projected tripling in sales over the next three years is to personalize customers’ mobile experience. According to Russell’s MarketingProfs article, forty-three percent of companies deliver [...]

Agents: Change, or Be Changed, Says McKinsey

A report by McKinsey & Co. on the future of property and casualty insurance managers, discussed in “McKinsey to Agents: Adapt or Find Another Line of Work” by Elizabeth D. Festa, reveals they face marginalization unless they can evolve and get creative. The agent’s role in some fields is becoming obsolete, and some are fast [...]