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Medical Trends to Watch Include Driving Behavior

As the mother of two teenagers, I am very impressed with the television and public awareness campaign to take the “no texting while driving” pledge. Based on the article “Medical Trends to Watch” in Risk Management, maybe employers should consider expanding this campaign into the workforce. Accidents while driving, and the liabilities when these occur [...]

10 Tips for Managing B2B Content Marketing

If you are currently working in the healthcare, technology, or insurance industries, we know how hectic your schedule can be – you have an increasing number of tasks with a constantly diminishing amount of time. Not to worry though! Scott Public Relations can act as your company’s marketing and PR partner, helping your brand create, [...]

Tips on Maximizing Innovation for Healthcare and Technology Startups Today

Startups in the healthcare and tech spaces are moving ahead by leaps and bounds with the creation of new apps and games aimed at improving the quality of patient care. Whether your product/brand is consumer-facing or industry-facing, you must think about your next steps proactively and keep innovation at the forefront. ReadWrite asked eight successful [...]

Tips for Getting your Feet Wet with Mobile Marketing in 2014

Did you know that nearly half of all emails are opened on a mobile device? That’s not surprising given the fact that we live in an on-the-go culture where information is now accessed online 24/7. Ten to fifteen percent of all web traffic is done from a mobile device, and after reading a recent [...]

Healthcare Startups and Entrepreneurs Rush to Cash in on Obamacare: The Digitalization of Our Healthcare Delivery System

A recent Time article, written by Christopher Matthews entitled “The Obamacare Start-Up Boom” astutely pointed out that Obamacare is being very favorably received by healthcare and technology entrepreneurs and investors. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) a.k.a. Obamacare, is shaking up the healthcare industry’s business model. There’s money to be made for companies that react quickly [...]

Why Healthcare Organizations Need to Join LinkedIn

Slowly but surely, healthcare organizations are climbing onboard and using social media sites, in particular, LinkedIn. If you have yet to climb onboard sites such as LinkedIn and still don’t believe that social media channels are useful for business, we’ve found a LinkedIn infographic which may change your mind. Healthcare organizations need to be on [...]

Breaking News: Pick Up Your Phone

It’s official – news consumption via mobile media now surpasses desktop computers and newspapers, according to research by the Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI). Here at Scott Public Relations, we’ve taken to referring to mobile phones as “the computer in your pocket.” The rise of the mobile phone as “the” communication device today has spurred the [...]

Why a Strategic Social Media Presence Is Crucial for Your Company’s Success

It’s gratifying to be validated by the experts and the voice of authority in business, and it doesn't get much more credible than the Harvard Business Review, “The Perils of Being a Social Media Holdout”. The blog reiterates the gospel we have been preaching about the value of social media to businesses including B2B firms [...]

Five Tips for Developing a Successful Brand for Your Medical Practice

Healthcare PR and marketing professionals rely on varied methods to promote, publicize, and push out newsworthy topics, companies and events, but let’s not forget about one substantial and influential marketing tactic: word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth can be as effective as a million dollar publicity campaign. For many medical practices today, their main [...]