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6 Powerful Blogging Tips & Stats: Why & How Businesses Should Blog

Blog courtesy of Bridge Global Strategies “There are tons of different factors that go into ranking well [for competitive search], but the biggest is high-quality content.” (David Sinick) 30% Amount of increase in blog traffic generation after you create 21 to 54 blog posts.(TrafficGenerationCafe) ### 97% Increased percentage of inbound links for companies that blog versus [...]

Executives Rate Their Companies as Social Media Laggards

According to a recent Bulldog Reporter article, research from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Consulting reveals that 52 percent of respondents to a recent survey gave their business a three or below (out of ten) on social business maturity. The same report also shows that 36 percent of the 2,500 surveyed executives rated social [...]

Digital Age PR Strategies: Content Marketing & Buyer Personas

Blog courtesy of Bridge Global Strategies Today’s marketing professionals are more tech-savvy than ever before, and many of them have adopted integrated marketing software that enables them to execute their digital strategies and measure analytics from a single interface. While these innovative solutions are making online marketing more efficient and measurable, however, it seems that [...]

Six Ways to Make Saying “Thanks” Part of Your Marketing Program

Scott Public Relations recently shared some marketing insights with MMCHR, a California based Human Resources Outsourcing company. We thought these six tips on how to make saying “thanks” part of your marketing program would be beneficial for all healthcare, insurance, and technology marketing professionals. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments [...]

Three PR Strategies for Breaking through Journalists’ Mental Firewalls

Blog courtesy of Bridge Global Strategies In today’s über-connectedworld, people are bombarded with messages from every direction. For many of us, the daily cycle starts and ends with TV news, punctuated by a tidal ambush of web searches, emails, text messages and snail mail. We have primed ourselves to deal with this sensory overload through the [...]

Is your strategic marketing plan written in a language prospects speak?

Blog courtesy of WordWrite Communications In today’s business world, the website is the cornerstone of marketing, certainly a pillar in a strategic marketing plan. But if no quality prospects find the site, what good is it? If you’re marginally familiar with the concept of search engine optimization, you’re probably familiar with keywords. If you’re a [...]

Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is a widely used tactic to advertise and sell products. But just how effective is sending sales emails? Some facts from a Salesforce slide deck, “25 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats” may shed some light on the practicality of using this technique. Surveys show that forty-four percent of people who received marketing emails [...]