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George Halvorson of Kaiser Permanente speaks about why Kaiser, the nation’s largest managed-care company, is successful, and why other health systems should emulate its model

Results-oriented healthcare is definitely a hot topic here at Scott Public Relations because so many of our clients are in the healthcare industry. We found this interview of George Halvorson particularly insightful as he shares how during his tenure at Kaiser Permanente, he helped to transform the medical culture there, with the top priorities being [...]

Many Comments: Factors Contributing to PR Failure

by Lucy Siegel, Bridge Global Strategies In the last Bridgebuzz blog post, I reported the results of a survey we conducted of PR professionals about failure to meet PR program goals and expectations. The survey was conducted using Survey Monkey and had a total of 54 responses. Almost all of those who responded were quite [...]

Failure to Meet PR Goals and Expectations: Why It Happens; What Can Prevent It

by Lucy Siegel, Bridge Global Strategies This month marks the eighth anniversary of my firm, Bridge Global Strategies. Anniversaries are a good time to reflect on what’s gone well, what hasn’t, and why. We’ve had some tremendous successes for clients, but also a few instances where we haven’t achieved what we had hoped. Failure to [...]