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Negative Comments? No Problem. How to Manage Your Company’s Group on LinkedIn

By now, everyone understands the impact social media can have on increasing a client’s visibility among key demographics. These platforms have become an integral part of our PR and marketing initiatives for healthcare, insurance, technology or other industry firms, and oftentimes the key to a successful PR campaign. Although underutilized and often overlooked, LinkedIn has [...]

Is your clothing hazardous to your health?

with advice from Mitch Kaye, PT Many women (and some men) are slaves to fashion, as they say. But are your clothes dangerous to your health? Mitch Kaye, PT, PTPN’s Director of Quality Assurance, says that many types of clothing, footwear, and even accessories can be harmful for you. Women have been wearing high heels [...]

Global PR

Finding the right public relations firm is a vital part of any business strategy. The agency must not only understand your business, they must also understand the media and audience you are trying to reach. Any good PR firm will know the best media approaches, be able to react in a crisis and position you [...]