Monthly Archives: September 2011


Social Media Plan for Healthcare Companies

Many companies in healthcare think that social media is complicated, time-consuming and a potential liability nightmare, believes Susan Giurleo, PhD. A belief with which she heartily disagrees. She says that if the options are considered carefully and logically, a social media plan is not only “not hard,” but can be quite simple. Here’s an overview [...]

How to be a trending topic on Twitter in the healthcare marketplace

Recently David Sparks, journalist, producer, and owner of Spark Media Solutions, put together “How to Trend on Twitter,” a guide on how to create a trending topic on Twitter. While this guide is applicable for all types of businesses and industries, there are several take-aways that healthcare, as well as insurance, technology and professional services [...]

Is Facebook Killing Your Brand Personality?

How is your brand identity holding up in the social media world? Social media guru and The Business Insider contributor Rick Gardinier thinks the proliferation of various social media and promotional platforms—from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, and more—are making it very hard for brands to stand out from each other. Recently, he published some [...]