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Understanding the value social media can bring to healthcare organizations

If you’re in healthcare, you might be one of the many organizations in the industry struggling to understand the value social media can bring to your marketing efforts. You’ve read the statistics—Facebook has more than 600 million users, Twitter and blogs clock in at about 200 million each—and wonder if you are missing out. Here [...]

Surprising social media stats

Arik Hanson, the principal of ACH Communications, a digital communications consultancy, recently put out a list of aggregated social media stats that “really raised an eyebrow for me over the last few months.” Below are a few key highlights of his findings: Facebook • According to Mashable, 75 percent of Facebook brand ‘Likes’ come from [...]

Facebook marketing: 5 quick tips healthcare companies need to know to make it work

You’ve said VERY to the question, “How important is Facebook to my healthcare PR strategy?” and are either jumping aboard the social media train, or, you’re already on it and looking at making it work even better for you than it already does. To help you in your journey, here are five quick—but important—tips you [...]