Monthly Archives: March 2011


Ad and PR Agencies Tackle Social Media Differently

In this blog by Lucy Siegel of Bridge Global Strategies, she explains the different approaches to social media taken by Advertising/Marketing vs. Public Relations. The public relations agency industry in the U.S. has fared better than most marketing/communications disciplines in this recession for two reasons: the surge in importance of social media, and a much [...]

Boutique Public Relations Agencies Lead the Way in Today’s Market

Bigger isn’t better when searching for the right public relations agency for your business, according to a recent survey. Smaller, focused boutique public relations firms can deliver the effective results your company needs to reach their business goals in today’s tumultuous economy. Boutique agencies often specialize in specific industries, for example healthcare public relations, insurance, [...]

Is your website ready for the Gen Y generation?

It might surprise some to learn that twenty somethings are taking an interest in benefits that can protect them financially—more so now, than in previous years. This is the finding from a recent Harris Interactive survey of the Gen Y workforce. “Members of this generation are entering the workforce and building careers during a time [...]

“Are You a Wallflower at the B2B Social Media Party?”

Scott Public Relations shows B2B companies why—and how—to take advantage of social media. Scott Public Relations, specialists in healthcare, insurance and technology PR, announced the publication of its newest white paper, “Are You a Wallflower at the B2B Social Media Party?” In it, SPR reveals how B2B companies can take advantage of social media to [...]