Monthly Archives: December 2010


New Year, Old Year – We’re Still Wondering How To Measure PR

In any discussion with prospective clients, the question that is sure to come up is ‘How do you measure what you do?” Once upon a time, it was all about media relations and how the media coverage obtained through public relations produced a stellar return on investment when measured in advertising costs, reach and impressions. [...]

Tim Rowan, editor of Home Care Technology Report, shares his review of “The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care”

Tim Rowan, editor of Home Care Technology Report, is a long-time home health consultant, host of the provocative Home Health Survivor video series and the mind behind the new site The Visible Home Care Technology Selection Guide linking home care agencies with their best software solutions. We’re pleased to share his review of the book [...]

Does social media have value for B2B companies?

“Should we be on Facebook? Twitter? Should we have a blog? If so, how do we start? How do we manage our social media presence? Or is it all just a waste of time?” Coast to coast, B2B companies are asking these questions. Studies show that firms are increasing the percentage of their marketing budgets [...]