Monthly Archives: June 2010


The “New” Media Tools and Healthcare Marketing

Feeds, blogs, podcasts, VOIP – welcome to the world of new media, also sometimes referred to as social media, where the worlds of communications and digital technology converge. What exactly is digital and social media and what does it mean for the healthcare industry and healthcare executives? It means that the rules of communication have [...]

Is Twitter “Much Ado About Nothing”? Hardly!

“OMG I just had the best chocolate croissant at the Corner Bistro this morning!” This and similar irrelevant tweets are the type of messages primarily posted when Twitter first came on the scene a few years ago. Today, Twitter has evolved to be much more than a series of 140-character irrelevant tweets with topics ranging [...]

Company spokespeople: not just a source of company news

Many companies almost exclusively use their spokespeople to promote the company and its news. While this is definitely one important way to get the word out, especially to specific target audiences, these companies are missing an opportunity to broaden their scope of influence and, ultimately, their sales. By using their spokespeople as industry experts—who understand [...]