Monthly Archives: May 2010

Obesity Epidemic Inspires Calorie Data Requirement in Health Legislation

Included in the recently signed healthcare reform bill is a new measure requiring restaurant chains to post calorie information on menus and drive-through signs, effective as soon as 2011. The measure is an attempt to stem the obesity epidemic in the U.S., spurred by the belief that Americans will make more informed and healthier choices [...]

McKinsey Agrees with Scott Public Relations . . . .

You know that warm feeling of validation when the experts agree with a position you’ve been advocating? Well, I have it right now, after reading “Four Ways to Get More Value from Digital Marketing,” published by McKinsey’s & Company’s Marketing and Sales Practice, March 2010, by David C. Edelman. According to this article, as companies [...]

Words of Wisdom from the Halls of RIMS . . . .

This year’s Risk and Insurance Management conference in Boston (April 24 – 28) was a far cry from the recession-induced gloom of 2009 – even though it rained the last two days. Even the colors were brighter – lime green and fuschia – a great combination for staying awake and alert. I spent three days [...]