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Seven Steps to Thought Leadership in 2010 – and Beyond

Everyone wants to be one. No, it’s not a celebrity, an astronaut, or a lottery winner. Everyone wants to be a thought leader – that elusive combination of intellect, personality, and relevance that makes your opinion more sought after than Warren Buffet’s. So how is this enviable position achieved today, when instant celebrity can be [...]

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die*

Nora Ephron is a screenwriter whose scripts for Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless in Seattle have all been nominated for Academy Awards. Ephron started her career as a journalist and still remembers the first day of her journalism class. Although the students had no journalism experience, they walked into their first class with [...]

The Incredible Shrinking Editorial Staff – So Who’s Covering the News?

There is a story behind the headlines about the year’s economic freefall: newsrooms are decimated around the country. Senior staff, cub reporters, editors and managers are victims of layoffs and cutbacks. Declining ad revenues and the rise of free online news sources have hit both print and broadcast media outlets, and hit them hard. Just [...]

Summing it up in 30 seconds – Your elevator pitch — and how to make it better

Quick! What’s your elevator pitch? You never know when a chance encounter can open a door to a new business opportunity or publicity for you and your business. Business guru and Entrepreneur magazine contributor Asheesh Advani recently published some savvy ideas for making the most of these serendipitous moments. A few highlights: Choose your words [...]

Online Contests Are Simple PR Wins

Online contests are an excellent PR strategy to help boost website traffic and increase your company’s visibility. In particular, social media—including blogs, Twitter, and Facebook—provide real value to PR campaigns. A recent example of an effective online contest was the partnership between Bayer Diabetes Care, manufacturer of self-tested diagnostic monitoring systems, and Nick Jonas from [...]